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Elaine-Butter“I have always enjoyed going to events and concerts, but what always surprised me was the lack of effective promotional items encountered at these events.  I was certain there was room for more creativity and activation.  Acme grew from this observation. I strive to find innovative, creative and attention-grabbing merchandise and apparel that will stand out in a crowd and make a statement”

-Elaine Butter, President


Acme Merchandise & Apparel was founded in 1994 by Elaine Butter in Gloucester, MA, originally as just ‘Acme Apparel’.  Over 20+ years, Acme has expanded, opening four offices throughout the United States and Asia.  Today, while apparel still comprises a significant portion of the business (over 1 million t-shirts per year), Acme has developed an extensive catalogue of products in a range of price points.

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Acme Merchandise & Apparel • 46 Blackburn Center • Gloucester, MA 01930 • PH: (978) 282-4800 • FX: (978) 282 7300